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Is to radiate information. By rucing unnecessary The numbers waiting. Bottlenecks and silo communication. Slack an instant messaging application that swept through the ict paint a few years ago and integrates seamlessly with trello. With slack. We can communicate with both the team and the client. And the messages are not stuck in emails or other channels. Trello also sends notifications to slack about new cards. People mark on them or comments receiv. In this way.

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Read more about the mrace model here. How do you build an agile digital marketing business lead operating model on top of such tools? I will describe my typical work week below – and although no two work days are the same. You dont have to reinvent the wheel every day. Monday – meeting day i start the work week with a bowl of porridge. Preparing for internal meetings. The teams weekly meeting.

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I still had time to handle a few slack messages in the direction of sales. Until its time to open the teams connection for the weekly meeting. Bas on a well-hon agenda. The meeting proces effortlessly and USA CEO on schule . And we get to share both customer information and experiences from our recently start internal quarterly theme. The team gets by with a fairly small amount of tasks this time. But still the small corner reserv for trello in my heart flutters when i see how cards start to be dabb into the to-do column on the teams wall already during the meeting.

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