The company then decid to purchase the 150 devices


After this proc ure the devices can be deliver  to the recipients. But what an effort! And what a problem if someone complains about having incorrect settings! To be avoid . Scenario 2: zero-touch setup  the pharmaceutical company heard about this nice apple solution call  zero-touch. The it manager document  himself and manag  to attend a specialist refresher course. Obtaining a  professional  level apple certification. The company then decid  to purchase the 150 devices with the zero-touch program. The devices were purchas  through the usual official channels and without additional costs they imm iately receiv  an identification code assign  to them by apple.

In less than half a day's work


 From this moment (while the devices africa email list are still being shipp ) it can already: prepare profiles for each group of users (management. Commercial. Disseminators) from the server; assign a profile to the devices through the serial numbers indicat  in the purchase data; create homogeneous groups of profiles and distribute them to the various employees in the group. In less than half a day’s work. It’s task is finish  and it can move on to something else. Once they arrive at the employees (perhaps at their homes because they are smart working). When they are turn  on the devices will download the previously prepar  profile and in a few steps they will be ready for use.

It contain the summary of the levels


 Increasing digital interactivity: m ia and technologies increasing digital interactivity: m ia and technologies USA CEO once upon a time there was a client who sent us a document. It contain  the summary of the levels of interactivity that he want  to achieve in digital communication with his customers: dynamic use fre om to move between topics bilateral. communication the request was important and the realization was not easy. The first step was to better understand his ne s. What exactly did our client want our client want  to create more interactivity with users of digital platforms.

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