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Terms and to his appearance in the WCR ecus unpaid absence  you should. Divide the monthly remuneration rate by the number of hours to be work in a given month multiply the amount receiv by. The number of hours of absence subtract the obtain result from the remuneration due for the entire month. Eample. Mr. Tomasz receives a monthly salary from his full-time position of. On April   he appear in WCR to undergo military qualifications. What salary should the employer pay to Mr. Tomasz for April? The appropriate remuneration should be calculat as follows. Working time in April  number of hours absent Tomasz is entitl to remuneration from work in the amount for April.

Additionally Terms and because the employer

Did not pay remuneration for the period of absence from work Mr. Tomasz is entitl to compensation in the amount of  a lump sum for lost earnings – from the head of WCR. p> To sum up the employer should grant the employee leave from work for the time he or she philippines photo editor appears at the WCR to complete military qualifications. However there is no obligation to pay him remuneration for this day it is an unpaid day . In this situation the employee is entitl to monetary compensation from the head of WCR. To obtain it you must submit an appropriate application to the unit.

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