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Officially announce technical recommendations for carrying out the investment. Recommendations for accompanying activities and proposals for the investment implementation schedule. Estimation of investment costs and recommendations on how to finance it. Preparing a transformation roadmap – who can be its executor? Under this subsidy, only the European Digital Innovation Hubs (EDIH) or other specialize entities. In the field of conducting technological audits together with the diagnosis of digital maturity and developing road maps. These are new requirements that appear with the recruitment for the Automation and robotization in SMEs grant.

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What is meant by a specialize entity? Such an entity is require to have specialize staff whose competences, education and experience, relate primarily to issues including digitization, automation, and robotization in the area of ​​enterprise production Photo Retouching management. The application must include information regarding a detail description of the contractor’s staff, which means in particular identifying specialists in the above-mention competences. The application must also include a description of the contractor’s previous activities in terms of conducting a technological audit.

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Digital maturity diagnosis and developing a road map. Two examples of services provide by the contractor in this area should be describe. Discover our services Our company qualifies as entities that can provide consulting services in the field USA CEO of developing a transformation roadmap. We have experience and knowledge in preparing such a document from projects implement under the previous financial perspective. As part of our services, you can take advantage of the offer to develop a transformation roadmap and more, we also specialize in obtaining EU grants, project management and project settlement.

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