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This has therefore open up real speculation which rolex is certainly trying to combat with an increase in production. Unfortunately now with the covid 19 emergency everything is changing and has chang. And we can’t do anything but watch and find out what will happen. Giorgia mondani your role as an opinion leader and social mia influencer is confirm as strategic to enable conversions and audience interactions with your content and consequently with the brands. Your voice is generating an increasingly high mia  impact. What are the guidelines you follow when setting up your marketing strategy on social mia in particular. But also in general? First of all.

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Furthermore. They sponsor many cultural and sporting events and represent a true icon today. One thing that has been causing a lot of discussion lately (and fomenting interest in Business database  purchasing) is that the most sought-after models (for example the sports models in steel) are in great demand but the official dealers do not have them available because the demand is higher than expect. Offer.So the effect that is creat is that unofficial retailers (but serious professionals who sell very high quality watches) sell these watches that cannot be found in official retailers at much higher prices. Sometimes even doubl compar to the list price .

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Every month launchmetrics publishes the luxury watches ranking: an analysis of the mia impact of the different voices and channels activat by the main watch brands. The best performances in january are from rolex and richard mille. Rolex’s 20% increase is link in particular to the attention receiv from the mia. Following the news of the price increase of rolex watches starting from january 1. 2020.  USA Ceo What is your direct opinion on the matter? Rolex is the undisput leader of the luxury watch industry; not only have they been precursors with many innovations in the past. But even today they continually surprise us with the beauty. Robustness and portability of their models.

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