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Can SEO Help Rank YouTube Videos Quickly? SEO is how you get organic traffic to your videos and channel. Reaching high rankings always takes some time, but if you follow my YouTube SEO guidelines, you’ll get there faster than if you didn’t What is the most important part of YouTube SEO? I would say that the most important thing is to match the search intent of the main keyword to the video information and make sure it appears in all relevant places, starting with the title. inflation. There is a labor shortage. There are shortages in the supply chain. COVID is still here.


Facetoface learning seems to be on the rise again. Basically, things are weird. So, how are Philippines Phone Number List parents and students handling backtoschool shopping during this slowburn doomsday? As a marketer (and a curious mom of two, I decided to check it out. Here are my findings. *spoiler alert* The three key insights I discovered were: The Mead brand sold the most. The bestselling products are absolutely genderneutral essentials. Many big, trusted brands still win in terms of total sales. Inflation affects backtoschool shopping too Backtoschool spending is on the rise despite many households tightening their belt buckles. And, inflation is the culprit. The NRF found that the absolute price of school necessities has increased year over year. Back to school inflation.

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Given the rising prices, it makes sense for families to spend more on school shopping USA CEO because what choice is there? Children’s school essentials are a must, so while people can cut back on other things, like eating out and travel, they can’t do so for backtoschool. The list keeps growing Number one possible reason: This year’s list is bigger because home learning has been prevalent since . This means that the basics that kids use year after year (think: lunch boxes, backpacks, pencil cases, workbooks aren’t used much in two years so parents need to buy them. Another contributing factor is the emergence of new learning technologies and teaching methods. Add in other new things kids need for school, like seasonal clothes and shoes, and most families find their list seems to grow.