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On the other hand, be prepare to work hours in a room with an oven and nee to fulfill a steady stream of orders as efficiently and quickly as possible. If you’re not afraid of monotony, check out job openings at your local candy factory and grocery store where the workflow is as standardize as possible. If you want more movement and creativity, choose the great cafes and restaurants in the city. Freelancer. The main advantage of freelancing as a confectioner is freeom of movement. You decide the type, design and price of desserts, take as many orders as possible and manage your working hours.

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In addition, various administrative tasks such as finding customers. Purchasing Belarus Phone Number List raw materials and consumables, packaging finishe products, organizing shipments, etc. will fall on you. Remember that you will have to work tirelessly during the holidays. But earnings are at their highest during this time. You can bake cakes, pasta or puffs, make artisanal chocolate bars or gingerbread cookies right in your home kitchen. To avoid tax issues, it is sufficient to apply for self-employment. How much a confectioner at a confectioner’s wages company earns per month depends on his level of expertise, the level of the establishment, and of course, the generosity of the manager. An experience specialist can earn more than rubles if the employer is willing to pay rubles for the work of an assistant confectioner. This table shows average salaries for confectioners with no work experience and no career progression. Cainiao Experience professional From Freelance confectioners.

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The monthly income varies depending on the number and nature of orders, the USA CEO cost of the raw materials use, and the profit. In Moscow, the average price of a homemade cake starts from rubles. per kilogram, in regions from rubles. Intricate multi-tiere cakes and corporate orders are price in the tens of thousands. Advantages and disadvantages of the profession of confectioner Before drawing any conclusions, we recommend that you thoroughly research the characteristics of the job of a confectioner.