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Large companies that. There are various factors that require us. To cyclically review the technical and aesthetic characteristics of web pages evolution of algorithms and technologies, new user habits, successive fashions. introduction of new laws. Let’s see some trends that will influence the creation and updating of websites. You might be interest in. Google Analytics what changes compare to Universal Analytics. Site loading spa is crucial website. The spa with which a web page is display by a user has become a priority feature. We’ve been talking about loading spa for several years now, but now Google really gives great weight.

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To the online experience of the people who ask it for answers. Today photo editing servies to satisfy increasingly demanding users, a website must load in less than seconds. Otherwise more than half of them % will leave the page and satisfy their nest elsewhere. Loading spa is one of the main parameters that the search engine algorithm evaluates to position sites in the SERP Search Engine Results Page. Precisely because its objective is to give the user the best response and browsing experience possible. You might be interest in. SEO what’s new on Google algorithms for ” Simple and effective sites as apps website.

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We have all become accustom to using apps from our USA CEO smartphones, i.e. Very specific, easy to use and very efficient platforms. Web design research says that users are increasingly incline. To browse small, experience focus sites , where they quickly find the content they’re looking for and in engaging, as well as functional, formats. Among developers who dictate themselves. To the front end of sites we hear talk of minimalism and very vertical mini sites. This which seems like a return to a past in which information technology was more basic from an aesthetic point of view.

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