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These are three aspects that at first glance seem very simple, but are transcendental to connect with the public and generate sales. Find a business opportunity Finding a business opportunity will allow you to offer a product or service that meets the needs of a very specific audience. In Sarah’s case, she started from a need of her own, and found a solution that not only fit her, but also served a large number of other people. Additionally, Sarah saw potential in her idea when she bought 12 beanbags from a wholesaler and discovered that it only took two weeks for her to run out of stock.

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That is, she was able to see that her product was selling fast enough to have Malta Phone Number List the level of profitability that she desired. Our recommendation regarding this is that you analyze the problems or needs of your environment, and investigate if there is a solution for them. Likewise, you have to analyze the market and the competition, to know if there may really be a demand for the solutions you have in mind. Sarah de puff lime Clearly define the buyer persona This aspect is directly related to the previous one, because it helps you define who the public is, what their consumption patterns are, and what specific needs they may have.

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For any business it is essential to know your target audience well, because USA CEO both the product or services and the marketing strategies used to sell depend on it. Returning to the case of Puff Lima, Sarah thought about the needs of people who are becoming independent and do not have enough money to buy furniture. That is why she thought of a cheaper alternative, based on her own experience at the time of becoming independent. Of course, many more factors need to be taken into account to know your target audience, but for that there are countless templates that can help you. Use StoreDA Last but not least, we have to highlight how important.