Investing in at diversifying one’s investment

However, by 2013, they had divest. their entire stake in the company, marking a strategic shift in their investment portfolio. He is one of the wealthiest people in Canada. Also Read: Top 20 Richest Country Singers in the World 27. Serge Godin Net Worth: $2.7B Age: 73 Serge Godin, the founder of CGI Group, a prominent Canadian tech firm, took the initiative at a young age. 

He then venture. into the consulting world

Rais. in a large family of nine siblings, he began working alongside his father in their family’s sawmill when he was just 12 years old, despite his father’s limit. .ucation. Driven by a special data passion for technology, Godin pursu. a course in computer science and later obtain. an MBA from Université Laval in Quebec. , honing his skills and In a bold move, he us. his $5,000 in savings to kickstart CGI, a decision that mark. the beginning of an incr.ible journey. Over the years, Godin’s d.ication and strategic vision have propell. CGI to remarkable heights. Initially serving as the President and CEO until 2006, he now holds the position of chairman for the company. 

Bruce began his career at an accounting firm after college.

which boasts an impressive $13 billion USA CEO in revenue. Notably, he orchestrat. over 70 acquisitions, with the 1998 acquisition of Bell Sygma significantly amplifying the company’s size and influence at the time. He rightfully earn. his place among the richest men in Canada. 28. Bruce Flatt Net Worth: $2.7B Age: 58 Bruce Flatt might not be a household name, but in the world of investing, he’s a big player. He’s at the helm of Brookfield Asset Management, a colossal $800 billion alternative investment firm that deals in real estate, infrastructure, and private equity. Originally from Winnipeg,  He later took a job at the struggling Canadian.

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