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How to save money and trouble thanks to web maintenance in WordPress November , jean segue Moreno reading minutes web development – votes when we hire a service, on many occasions it seems like an expense, because we are investing our money and perhaps not has a direct return. And it is true. Because there are services that can help you reach more customers, sell and even improve conversion and increase sales. However, with others it happens that a certain gain or ne is not appreciat until the unpleasantness arrives. Maintenance is insurance for your website.

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Table of contents let’s imagine that we are going on a trip and we prefer not to take out travel insurance, because after all, it is a Austria Email List trip to a destination where we should not have any problems and nothing out of the ordinary should happen. So far good. Once at the destination, suddenly, a problem or incident occurs that we had not even consider could happen in front of the door of the accommodation where we are going to stay, a person suddenly runs past and our suitcase is stolen , with the documentation and much of the money inside. How is it possible, it has never happen to us before.

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Importance-of-web-maintenance suddenly, we threw our hands up, with great rage and impotence, lamenting the stolen suitcase and thinking why we didn’t take out the insurance at the time it wasn’t that much money either and it USA CEO could have sav us issues. If we had known, we sure would have hir him! It is true that insurance is not exactly the same as web maintenance, but for the example it serves us with a small cost, we avoid future expenses and, above all, dislikes. In this article we already talk about the reasons why you ne to have web maintenance. However, in this article what we are going to see is what we can save by having web maintenance wordpress plugins maintenance.