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At acceseo we closely follow all the news in the sector, always being up to date and offering our clients the best strategies and solutions at all times. Do not hesitate to consult us through the channels enabl for this to provide you with the best growth strategies for your services. There is an explosion of tools in a world that is booming and expanding, such as the UI and UX, even the CRO. A few years ago we did not have so many tools for both design and research. They were also expensive and complex.

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Introduction Table of Contents In recent years , new and powerful tools have been develop that make it easier to apply this type of methodologies. It is not about using tools to design and that’s it, this is rather an intermiate step in the whole process. The ideal is to use tools that make our designs/prototypes the most appropriate for each ne , bas on insight obtain from Anguilla Email List real users, and that when we take them to production they have a very high percentage of success and are back by real data . We are going to see a summary of the most powerful tools currently, from our point of view.

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Wireframes, design and prototyping Here we focus on tools that help us shape part of our ideas and hypotheses, generat under a previous phase of study, analysis and research. adobe xd It is a tool that we have us for a long time, and we believe that it is very powerful, since it is like an all-in-one tool, where you can work quickly on designs and prototypes , both high and low fidelity, and test quickly. . Also work collaboratively, although you must always install the program USA CEO on your PC, from the Adobe Creative Cloud itself. Everything is very specifi when it comes to bringing it to production for the developers.

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