Emailing Your Way to Product Industry Success

Until one fine day… Doing a little KW Emailing Your research I find myself one morning searching for niches and suddenly I find this on DinoRANK: kw research foot massager with dinorank Oysters! Almost 10,000 searches. Then I go to Amazon and I start to see that the product has it all : Good search volume (almost 10,000) Good price (€75 on average) Good commission percentage (6% in the health and personal care category) Very sold on Amazon (many positive reviews) It is not seasonal So I say… Let’s see how the competition on Google is.

Amazon and I start to Emailing Your see that the product has

And I was pleasantly surprised to top industry data not find any website. Specialized in the massage sector . There are some competitors. That touch related sectors (health, orthopedics, etc.) that do not do badly. But I think they can. Be surpassed at the level of content. Layout and I think that they can be faced at the level. Of authority by doing good link building. . In short, I start to investigate and I begin to see that the massage sector is very large : types, brands, reviews, related products, etc.

I find myself one morning searching for niches

To make you a little aperitif: kw research USA CEO massages That’s when I say, “ Dani, here’s cake .” And the idea of ​​launching a thematic niche occurs to me. And if that were not enough, do it on the fly on YouTube so that people can follow the progress of the project in real time . Let’s talk about the economic potential and the initial investment I also don’t want to tell you everything in this post because what I would like is to awaken your curiosity and have you follow this experiment closely on my channel .

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