What is a chatbot what is it for and how does this type of Software work?

Have you heard the term Chatbot ? Maybe so, but even if you haven’t heard of it, chances are you’ve come across some on the Internet, as they are a very useful tool to help Online Businesses automate a large part of their Marketing and customer service actions. . In itself, it is not a very complex tool and, in addition to those already mentioned, it can have a large number of uses, depending on what objectives you want to achieve in your company. Furthermore, what makes them an excellent tool is not only their versatility, but the benefits they bring you when it comes to improving the experience you give to the users of your website.

What exactly is a Chatbot for?

Chatbot , translated into Spanish, means something like “ chat robot ” which, although this email contact list translation does not make much sense literally, is exactly what we are referring to: a type of “robot” that is capable of chatting and interacting with certain users, that is, it can both receive and send messages to them. To be a little more technical with its definition, it is an Artificial Intelligence program that we as Webmasters configure to respond to our audience when they enter our website or a specific chat room. With respect to the latter, you can find the main social networks on the market, from WhatsApp conversations and groups, Facebook Messenger and even streaming platforms like Twitch , and this of course includes Blogs, Web pages and online stores, as I told you before.

How does a Chatbot work and what types exist?

Surely you have already come across some of them: an example may be when you enter a company page and a chat window USA CEO appears with an automatic message. These are generally a chatbot to which you can ask your questions quickly and directly, while a customer service employee contacts you. As a curious fact, one’s response capacity can vary greatly depending on the need of the company that implements it , from responding to messages or simple queries to making reservations without the need to involve any company employee. This last example is common in huge hotel chains, which usually have large numbers of clients and need to streamline their service processes.