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It happen to us that a plugin from a well-known company had a major security issue. Said company follow the procures that must be follow and notify all users of its plugin, informing them of the security breach and a solution to be apply urgently. For a project with maintenance, the solution was very simple and only took – minutes. Apply the changes comment by the author of the plugin and be calm with the security of the web. For a project without maintenance, what happen days later is that it causa a major infection in the project, as well as a data leak. This problem also meant that the client lost part of his web positioning sea , since the web results appear in chinese.


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Avoid-errors-on-your-website-with-correct-maintenance in order to execute the cleaning of the web, a clean installation of WordPress Bahamas Email List had to be Carri out, reinstall all the plugins and buy the license of some to update them to the latest version and even review the topic, which also had malicious code. Besides this, try to recover the texts for correct display on google, and above all and worst of all, notify incite national institute of cybersecurity about the security breach and data filtering, as well as each client to change their password.

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A tremendous mess, with the owner of the website very nervous because of the bad image he was giving and with a significant cost, due to the number of issues to be resolve, moreover, urgently. In short, the difficult week that the USA CEO development team went through, as the owner of the website, was a major upset for everyone. In addition, he was barely able to work for a few days, just keeping an eye on and talking to his clients constantly. On the other hand, the cost of the repair was higher than that of a year of maintenance, adding the bad past during those days and the bad image and reputation generate.

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