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Communities or accounts are not only good for notifying about promotions and discounts, but also for collecting feeback. Create a special thread in the discussion where users can write about purchase products. Create an album with timeless stories on Facebook and put screenshots of customer messages there. Also, it’s useful to run various polls on community walls or in stories. In the jewelry store group where the author is, comments are collecte in albums and discussions: In the jewelry store group where the author is, comments are collecte in albums and discussions.

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The following is an example of the delivery quality survey on the official Estonia Phone Number List group wall of Shangshi: The following is Shangdian Example of shipping quality surveys on official group walls: Don’t forget to track any mentions of your brand on social networks via internal searches by company name or hashtags . Be sure to respond to requests like this: write a comment to thank for feeback or private message to resolve a problem. Nine out of ten online purchases in the marketplace are made after reading reviews from other buyers. If you sell on or other marketplaces, use all the features of the platform to encourage customers to leave authentic reviews.

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Let’s see how to do it. There are several options: place a slideshow in the USA CEO carousel in. The product card and share your thoughts on the product over the phone. Include a note thanking you for your purchase and asking you to rate your store. A nice package and a small gift would be an adde bonus for writing compliments to the seller. Top Products on Marketplace Are Getting Tens of Thousands of Reviews Top Products on Marketplace Are Getting. Tens of Thousands of Reviews We understand the nuances of marketplace transactions in our article. How to Sell on a Marketplace Which Platform to Choose and. Where to Start How to Fill a Product Card: Photos and descriptions of the market in the map service.

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