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flexible payment system in pre-paid and post-paid ways is also worth considering. Another added value is the regular availability of payment methods with a fixed value in local currency to avoid fluctuations in currency values.

4. Service Support

The service that you will use later, of course, must have good support in operation. One of the things that can be used as material for consideration is what kind of mechanism they have when an incident occurs, and how quickly they respond to it. Of course, as a local consumer, you have

The right to get support from a local team that is in line with your local

Are Basic Security Services Such as Ddos Whatsapp Mobile Number List Protection. Cloud Bandwidth Usage Provided Free of Charge. Or Are Services Like This Already Calculated and Have to Be Paid Too?

It is a Wise Consideration to Choose a Local Cloud That Does. Provide Basic Services for Free and Has a Fairly Complete. Selection of Services. A Good Local Cloud is Committed to Innovating in Releasing New Services Periodically According. To Technological Developments. And to Answer the Various Business Challenges That You Will Face in the Future.

Service Reliability and Openness A local cloud that has more than 1 physical data center location

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Will provide a more reliable level of service USA CEO availability and fault tolerance. It is worth considering for a local cloud with the implementation of an open-based platform referring to LOKI (Linux Openstack Kubernetes Infrastructure) so that the service is not tied to a particular vendor.

When You See the Price of Cloud in Indonesia. Which is Priced at a Low Price, Don’t Be Immediately. Tempted as Much as Possible. There Are a Number of Indicators That You Should Always Take Into Consideration. Including Those Mentioned Above. Choose a Local Cloud That is Able to.