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Since the campaign first launch in 2015 (back then it was call “Year in Music”) Spotify’s “Wrapp Playlist” campaign has been delighting users of all ages. In recent years, it has become an annual holiday tradition.There’s nothing more personal than your name. The “Share a Coke” campaign us this concept to take personaliz marketing to the next level. It gave the public a way to express themselves and share an experience with someone else. Focusing on giving the product away, rather than keeping it for yourself, also broaden the campaign’s appeal.

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On December 1st of each year, Spotify gives its users a nostalgic look back at Lebanon Phone Number List everything they listen to since the beginning of the year. They also provide each user with a personaliz playlist of their most listen -to songs – along with the ability to share their playlists on social m ia. This campaign is the perfect merger of music, technology, and culture. Spotify users already expect a certain level of personalization, and the Wrapp Playlist takes it to a whole other level. While users of other online and mobile platforms may be concern about privacy and data collection, Spotify has figur out how to do take advantage of it in a non-creepy way.

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Spotify has effectively turn the data they’ve collect throughout the USA CEO year into a fun and exciting way for passionate users to promote their brand. In 2020, Spotify Wrapp had over 60 million shares from more than 90 million users.Personalization is a key to effective content marketing, but it’s critical to do it in a way that doesn’t feel invasive. It’s a tight line to walk, but Spotify has nail it.Originally launch in Australia in 2011, Coca-Cola’s “Share a Coke” campaign quickly went viral and became a groundbreaking marketing success. The campaign reposition the company’s traditional logo, replacing it with the words “Share a Coke with” follow by a person’s name. It was eventually releas in over 70 countries, using the most popular names in each country.