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AI algorithms take into account the interests of users and display posts that may catch their attention. shortcoming. There are no ad accounts yet, and you can’t place videos in posts, but the developer promises these options will be rolle out soon. To learn how to start promoting on Zen, read our article Step-by-step instructions for creating and maintaining a profile in Zen Bloggers, experts, meia representatives, and companies are all growing on Zen. You can publish articles and videos here, and intelligent algorithms will show your content to intereste users. Channels can be monetize by reaching subscribers. When the monetization threshold is passe.

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The channel owner will receive money for every view of the video Costa Rica Phone Number List or article. In March 2009, the and news services were sold to holdings. According to official sources, the service interface will remain, and the monetization tools commonly use by content creators will not change. Statistical data. In March, the number of visits to the service exceee 10,000. More than half of Zen audiences are women, . According to statistics, most of these users are solvent adults who not only read, but also subscribe to channels, comment under publications and follow advertising links. who is suitable.

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Bloggers, experts, small startups and large corporations. Who is not USA CEO suitable. There are no private messages in , which is not very suitable for user-to-user correspondence and business exchange, but here you can communicate with your subscribers in the comments under the publication. advantage. Through, you can attract readers to your blog. To do this, you nee to add links and calls to action to your articles and videos. In addition, there is passive income in the form of monetization, which is important for both beginners and experts. The content is recognize by search engines. Add keywords to article and video descriptions so they appear in search results. shortcoming.