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This will encourage users who are security experts to take a closer look at your code. It may seem counterproductive to you, because you don’t want security problems, but the truth is that security problems are a reality. It’s better to admit that you’re human and benefit from other people digging into your code. Being proactive about security is the only way to ensure that you don’t get too many issues , and feel bad that many sites can be hack through your plugin. Fix problems After you see where the problem is, you fix it, of course, and once you’re sure you’ve fix all instances of this particular problem, you push the update to the plugin repository.

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Users who have report a problem to you are often surprisingly helpful in testing your solutions. Communicate with them. If you have  Bahrain Email List a company like Patchstack that verifies your reports, be sure to keep in touch with them as well. How quickly should you fix security issues? The best thing is that as soon as possible, but this cannot always be done, therefore it is best that no more than 48/72 hours pass from when you are inform of a serious security problem until it is solv and launch. Also according to the number of people that make up your team and the magnitude of the plugin.


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Obviously also the type of problem, if the problem is serious in terms of security, it shouldn’t take long, but as in all jobs you have to prioritize and USA CEO remove both urgent and less urgent ones, and even pay attention to users regarding proposals to improve your plugin. How to tell users that your plugin has security problems? This is without a doubt one of the most difficult parts of this whole process, we have all gone through saying something relat to a problem or incident to users customers and we don’t have a good time. But in my opinion it is best to be clear.

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