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As you probably know, getting links is one of the basic SEO principles that you need to take care of when positioning your website for Google. Links tell search engines how important and valuable your pages are. Without links, your website will not rank high in the rankings. The exception is when your content is about something really niche, where there is virtually no competition.

However, before I get to the aforementioned free linkwe Latest Mailing Database are building tool, let me briefly remind you:

What is a link?

A link is a link that is placed on one web page or web document. After clicking it, the web browser takes us to another subpage on your or another website. Ideally, the linked information is related to what the user is reading. They are, for example, a supplement or an extension of the discussed topic.

It is also worth mentioning here the different types of links.

Internal linking

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The first type of links are internal links, i.e. those that allow the user to go from one page of your website to the other subpage of the same website. For example: If you would like to learn how inbound marketing works and how to attract new customers to your business with your content, you can download and read the free ebook “How Inbound Marketing Works” .  People who have downloaded the e-book also receive additional information on how to develop an online business every week.

Internal linking is a relatively simple task because you decide what pages you link to each other. Much more demanding and difficult is…

External linking

External links are links to your website from other websites. If we could compare will USA CEO def elections, then external links would be audience votes that prove the popularity of specific content. In this case, however, you must remember that success is not determined by the number, but by the quality of external links. What counts is the authority of the page that will place a link to your content.

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