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Personal Characteristics of Online Course Curators How and where to become an online course administrator Professional developmental brief introductionWho is an online course curatorWhat does he do? Curators are support and support for online course students. Users ask him questions and concerns, and he helps them solve them himself or with the help of experts and technical administrators. The work of a course curator includes a variety of tasks: management of the educational process adding new users to the platform, opening access to educational materials, setting up webinar rooms, etc.

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Communicating with students experts answering questions, reminding Taiwan Phone Number List deadlines, hosting webinars Groups and chats for students in , social networks and instant messengers; Solving organizational problems He draws up class schedules, issues certificates, collects training feedback, prepares reports for management, etc. A specialist not only accompanies the student on the path of knowledge, but also acts as a tutor if he is specially trained on the subject of the course. He then also advises students on course content, reviews assignments and gives feedback. We reached out to the head of the prep course and asked her to share her story of getting into the industry: How I Became an Online Course Administrator.

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Head of the Online School’s Social Studies Prep Course for the Uniform State USA CEO Examination When I Started Prep for Sociology When I took the national unified examination, I had already chosen the profession of curator. It wasn’t until I came to the online preparation course for the UEC that I really liked the subject. Thanks to the tremendous dedication of my curators and mentors, all topics became clear and accessible, and I became close friends with these people. One year of study, I only dreamed of becoming a curator myself. At the beginning of my career, to be honest, it was very difficult due to the lack of experience, but studying in the curator course helped me a lot to gain these experiences quickly.