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Your Google SEO strategy, while still important, is not enough for Amazon SEO. Your content needs to be optimized for transactional intent to increase sales. Why Amazon Takes the Lead in Product Search Let’s take a step back and look at the buyer’s decision-making process, as the stage of the buyer’s journey a person is in affects how they search. The process begins when someone discovers a need. Their next step is to gather information. For example, suppose someone is in the market for a new oven. They’ll go to Google and search “best oven brands” or “oven reviews.

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This person may spend a lot of time on Google, reading articles, consumer reports, and Azerbaijan Phone Number List other information about ovens before evaluating options and deciding what to buy. What’s next? Buy. At this point, the person knows what they want. Since Amazon is such a trusted retailer, chances are they’ll go there to find the right deal. When the person searches on Amazon, they’re already planning to buy. You want your product to show up and be the lucky seller to offer this person their dream oven. If you’re wondering, what about Google Shopping? Isn’t this a good enough platform for me? Think again.


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Google is trying to compete with Amazon and gain traction in USA CEO e-commerce, but so far has been unable to make a significant impact. Sales on Google Shopping are minuscule compared to sales on Amazon, and people don’t seem interested in kicking the habit of shopping on Amazon. Read more: Competing with Amazon: It’s not as crazy as it sounds! Amazon also has a much lower average CPC than Google if you advertise. Google’s average CPC is . while Amazon’s is . Dollar. That’s a huge difference that can make or break profit margins! Your next question might be, can I sell products on Amazon and Google Shopping? Unfortunately, no.

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