How to delete a Gmail account forever from a computer or mobile

Learn how to delete a Gmail account quickly and easily. If at the time you opened a Google email thinking that you were going to use it a lot and. For whatever reason. Now you no longer use it and want to delete it. In this guide I will teach you how to make it disappear in a few steps (both from a mobile phone and from a computer). As you already know. By creating a Gmail account you are gaining direct access to all other Google products and. If you wish. They do not have to be in danger of disappearing. Therefore, in this tutorial we will see step by step how to delete only the part corresponding to this company’s email without affecting the rest of the services. 

Enter the settings of the account to be deleted

First let’s see how to delete it from a computer. Whether you use a Mac or a conventional Windows. To do this. I have email leads created one exclusively to delete it later. so you can see step by step how I do it. let’s get started! 1st. Enter the settings of the account to be deleted The first thing you are going to do is enter Google with the account you want to delete and. From there.  Access the settings. Doing so is quite simple. Simply go to your profile image located at the top right of the screen. Enter Your Google Account Settings Once you click there. A menu will be displayed with several options.

Enter the “Data and personalization” tab

As you can see, in my case there is only that service since I created this account specifically to teach you: how to delete a Gmail account from USA CEO a computer. So you search for the service. and click on the trash icon that appears on the side. Confirm Deletion As a curious fact. below the service you will see a record of all the information or data it has. In the image you only see that a conversation appears. This is because the account is new and only has the Gmail welcome email. but in your case it may be different. This is the ideal time to turn back if you regret wanting to delete the Gmail account.

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