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The duties of an online specialist include communicating with customers via chat and telephone, handling incoming requests from the website, accompanying the buyer until the signing of the agreement and subsequently supporting delivery of the goods or provision of services. Sales manager communicates with cold and hot customers. Working with the former is more difficult. They don’t know anything about the company, product, or service, and managers must first make connections and inspire trust before they can make a sale.

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Hot customers either apply on their own or are in the company’s customer base, and Conduit CN Sales Leads managers are expected to advise them, answer questions and help them make purchases. An online sales manager can be someone who holds a similar position offline The working principles and responsibilities are broadly similar. Also, this part-time job is for the sociable person who enjoys talking on the phone with strangers. What you need to know. To understand people’s psychology, love to communicate, and be a person who can resist pressure. Sales managers often have to hear rejections from potential customers. How much money can you make.

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For part-time work not exceeding an hour, sales managers are paid in rubles. monthly USA CEO or more. Earnings are based on hours worked and your sales for the month. Even with no experience, you can start working in sales. Taking courses is all it takes to become a confident professional. In our review, we rounded up seven training programs for novice sales managers. Choose any of them and each of them is useful and informative. Create a site on You can earn extra income by creating a website on is a special online designer where you can create any web resource from several Simple landing page in block to online store with application form, product catalog and shopping cart. This part-time job is convenient because you don’t have to study to be a programmer.