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Did we mention that brands dominate the search space? Well, we can’t stress that enough. In this industry, it’s the online brands that seize the biggest traffic chunk. The only non-branded keyword in position is ‘hotels’, and even that’s the name of a website. The next is ‘hotels near me’ in position and ‘hotel tonight’ in position . They are noteworthy, especially for local SEO. Top air travel industry keywords The first thing to notice is the ratio between organic and paid searches. The share of paid search is significantly lower than in the hotel industry. Strikingly, the traffic generated by the most searched keyword, ‘American airlines,’ is . organic. You may wonder where popular flight tracking sites come in on this list.

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Flightaware’ appears in position , followed by ‘Flight tracker’ in place . And what Guatemala Phone Number List about non-branded terms? Besides ‘flights’, ‘cheap flights’, ‘cheap tickets’, and ‘airline tickets, the keywords lack significant search volume. Ecommerce and retail industry keywords In the COVID-year , ecommerce turned into a fierce competitor for retailers and grabbed substantial portions of the markets. The retail industry had to adapt quickly, and many stores established an impressive online presence. Some of the big names have made it into the top list for top ecommerce keywords.

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As for the top ranks, there are no surprises in this category. Amazon dominates the USA CEO ecommerce and shopping space. The search volume for ‘amazon’ as a keyword is almost four times that of eBay, which is next in line. Here’s an intriguing finding specific to this industry: Branded keywords don’t necessarily drive the highest traffic to the brand itself. Compare the keyword with the traffic leader for the keywords. The traffic leader is the URL that receives the highest traffic share for this keyword in the industry.We wanted to see how this list would look if we removed all the brand keywords.