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Only such an approach can help users understand all the benefits of using the product. Humidifier ad story on Humidifier ad story on Humidifier Benefits of buyers are clear from the title and benefits of use are clear from the text Katerina Vasilyeva User Experience itor Imagine you are waiting for guests to eat and find bread Already us up. The shops are not close, the roast is being prepar in the oven, and your other half brings beauty in the bathroom, obviously not ready to go to the supermarket. what to do? Download the grocery delivery app! The app has been download, the bread has been add to the basket and paid for, and the courier should have begun his journey to the rescue.

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It looks like you can breathe. But suddenly a dangerous alert appears on the screen Brazil Phone Number List Transaction error. Money will be return to your account. Here you are standing in the middle of the kitchen, without bread, without money, completely ignorant of what a very insidious error number is. Does the application itor have the user in mind? No. Did he have at least some usability principles in mind when he wrote it? Nor is it plain that as a writer, you ne to write without jargon, slang, and clericalism.

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It is important to follow the context and give the user only essence and no excess USA CEO moisture. A lot of emoji, question and exclamation points, and rhetorical questions should also be avoid in interface text. This is how a new letter is open in Telegram messenger This is how a new letter is open in Telegram messenger, the text does not look boring and the presence of animat elements does not distract from the essential benefit Any text should not exist only in the world of the reader In the process, the user should also be continuously guid to the next step. Every user step has to make sense and lead to some result.