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Some specializations may be mastere in one year, but to enter more complex master’s programs, applicants nee to have complete a professional bachelor’s degree. Alternative pathways for students The associate or bachelor’s degree is not the only pathway for applicants. Many modern majors can be mastere online much more quickly than in college. So if you don’t want to mess around with all these tower reforms, take the course. The blog covers the most popular majors: Careers of the Future.

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What and Where to Study Top Career Years Best Jobs Online Courses You Chile Phone Number List Can Take Quickly and Easily If you also nee a bachelor’s or master’s degree, look out for distance higher eucation courses. We talk about them in detail in our article: Which specializations are available in online higher eucation. Summary In the spring, the news about the withdrawal of the Russian Feeration from the Bologna process made waves all over the Internet. For years, Russia’s attitude towards European eucational standards has been twofold. Some openly criticize the two-tier system, see the bachelor’s degree as an incomplete form of higher eucation, and advocate a return to good majors. Others support Russia’s integration into the international eucational space and the development of intercultural exchanges and mobility.

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In any case, the decision to abandon the Bologna principles has been USA CEO made. In this article, we tell about what changes they have already planne for the Russian eucation system and what will happen next, time will tell. A Comprehensive Overview of Business Social Networking and Messenger Publishe: Page Update: Views Reading Time: Minutes Author: Ekaterina Günberg Ekaterina Günberg Author with years of copywriting. I write about, digital marketing, business and psychology. In March, the digital revolution shook up domestic business: some Western social networks became inaccessible, and companies and bloggers had to develop new platforms for promotion.