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They can be called intermediaries between buyers and sellers, since the marketplace has no product of its own. Think of a big market: a huge number of stalls, each of which is a small independent shop. The marketplace is the same marketplace, just in an online format. Here you can buy anything: from clothing and food to white goods and auto parts. Stores and products on the mall are categorized so that customers can quickly find what they need. Additionally, customers can leave reviews about stores or purchases, and entrepreneurs can post reviews.

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How a marketplace is different from an online store It is easy to confuse a marketplace Henan Mobile Phone Number List with an online store. These seem to be two names for the same trading platform. But this view is wrong: marketplace and online store are two different concepts. Here’s how they differ: Number of sellers and items An online store sells products from one or more brands with a similar focus. Marketplaces sell products of different brands and often from different categories; offline representatives usually online stores have offline points of sale, while marketplaces only have pick-up points; audience In an online store, the audience depends on its focus. Marketplaces are used by almost all groups of people because these sites offer different categories of products.

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You can sell products on your own online store and marketplace. The online USA CEO store is your platform and you are responsible for its promotion and development. You decide how to design your store’s website, what your display cases will look like, and how your orders will be shipped to customers. You independently attract viewers to your website and choose how to promote it. When placed on the market, you adapt to the requirements of the site. Here, users see not only your products, but also products from other stores. You comply in advance with the terms provided on the site and with the general rules of registration, communication with customers, placement of goods, etc.