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 The most common mistakes when choosing colors for a website when we start creating a website, we may make certain mistakes. Since some major mistakes are often associated with the use of color, I would like to highlight one of the most obvious mistakes to avoid before taking that step: choosing color randomly I really like black. And blue & purple – do you think they will look good on my website just because I like these colors?maybe yes.

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Or maybe not. This is why we should not be carried away by any choice of color or by our simple special data taste. Use multiple colors when we start the task of selecting the range of colors that will be used on the website, we may be overwhelmed by so many choices. Don’t go too high after smoking a cigarette and go into freak mode, because it’s best not to go too far when choosing the number of colors for your website: if there is a color, you should have enough color.

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 Another common mistake in our lord’s digital world is using incorrect color combinations. The typical mistake that is usually made in this regard is to choose a color that does not correspond well on the color wheel or a color that does not have good contrast with each other. Existing color patterns before we dive into the topic of how to choose the right color USA CEO for your website, you have to have some very clear concept of color so as not to surprise you and not know why the color you are using in the icon then looks like when you upload it to your website.