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TiendaDA was for the development of Puff Lima. Sarah was clear that she wante to sell online, and she had already starte working on social networks, but she neee to have a virtual store to give her business seriousness and to facilitate the purchasing process for customers. This is how he found out about TiendaDA and, according to his own words, he fell in love with the platform after having trie it the first two days. These are some of the things that caught his attention: It is very easy and fast to create a store with TiendaDA. He had everything he neee to improve his store processes, including an inventory management system.

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It is a platform with many functionalities, and more are being adde every time. You too can Maceonia Phone Number List create your first virtual store and discover all the opportunities for improvement that our platform offers you. What are the challenges of Internet sales? Now that you know what helpe Puff Lima grow into a profitable business, it’s time for us to talk about some of the challenges of selling online, and why Sarah thinks it’s important to have an online store. Sales management One of the main problems Sarah face was sales management, as she was often overwhelme trying to channel all the orders she receive through channels like Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

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Sometimes it happene that the customers had already been, but the products USA CEO had not been. Shippe because there was no easy way to view it. He was able to solve all this with TiendaDA’s sales management tools and inventory management system. Analysis of data For those in charge of a business it is also important to have all the data on sales and visualize them in a simple way as well. Having an administration in which all processes are manual is not only ineffective, but it can also represent a significant loss of time. Our tools helpe Puff Lima to improve sales monitoring, and to have a more complete vision of customer behavior.