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The most correct strategy is to fully respond to the current situation. I always say, , , classmates are just marketing tools in social networks. It is important to understand the ins and outs of these tools. Therefore, the most correct solution for specialists working exclusively on or is to retrain and start working on other sites , which are now actively develop. I wouldn’t consider it, as there’s a good chance nothing good will happen to this platform. The easiest is to retrain by buying a course and getting train. Although the laws of marketing hold true on all platforms, people consume certain content in certain.

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Ways and base your social network marketing strategy on that. It’s important to Japan Phone Number List remember that what works on the website may not work and vice versa, and it’s important to understand the specifics of the site and adapt to it. It is also important not to discount your previous experience, if you have manag accounts successfully, you don’t ne to hide it from your new clients. It’s your experience, your case, the results you give to your clients. Summary The hard reality of the year is an opportunity for professional development and a powerful motivator for each specialist’s work. To weather the tough times, not lose customers, and keep the workforce in demand, you ne to learn new things, master other platforms, and start doing things you’ve never done before. Years of Target Advertising.

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How Targeting Experts Are Adapting to the New Reality Publish Page Update USA CEO Times Views Reading Time Minutes Add an AuthorOlga AsenievaAuthor, Years of copywriting and content management experience. I write about online ucation and future careers The Russian market for goods and services is actively transforming. Brands come and go quickly, supply chains are reshap, and popular online resources are still block. Social mia advertisers must quickly adapt to the status quo and master new online promotion platforms. In this article, we will consider the outlook for the profession of targeting specialists in 2011.