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Plus Google uses mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. Read more: How Ecommerce UIs Can Make or Break Conversions Site Velocity: How Long Do Your Pages Take to Load on Desktop and Mobile? Page spe is an important ranking factor. If your website is running slowly, it will greatly hinder your chances of ranking high on Google. You can improve site spe by removing unnecessary plugins, rucing image size, and upgrading your web hosting. Social Mia: Do you have social mia accounts set up for your brand? Are you active with them.

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A presence on social mia gives your brand cribility and authority. It also sends a signal to Colombia Mobile Number List Google that you are an establish and legitimate business. Keyword cannibalization: When was the last time you check keyword cannibalization? This is something that should be check and remi on a regular basis – otherwise, you could be pushing your own product pages down the rankings without even realizing it. How to Improve Your Ecommerce SEO Optimize Ecommerce SEO with Similarweb Looking for a way to do eCommerce SEO the right way that doesn’t involve the guesswork? The Similarweb digital marketing intelligence platform has several easy-to-use tools that will help you soar in the SERPs. Our eCommerce toolkit includes but is not limit to.


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Keyword gaps give a proper look at where you have opportunities to improve USA CEO your organic traffic. Keyword Seasonality Know which products and categories are seasonal. So you can plan ahead for your SEO efforts and lay the groundwork necessary for AN impact. Keyword Analysis to gain more insight into the performance and potential of specific keywords. A unique Amazon keyword research tool that is invaluable to any Amazon eCommerce store trying to improve its on-site Amazon SEO. Time to get more traffic If you follow the strategies above, your online store will start seeing more and more customers pouring in every day.