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Meanwhile, her counterparts in the client camp are excited to discover how to shift investments to improve ROI based on where others are generating high ROI. Sophie used her advantage to win the round. The game is not over, but when her client wins the market, it will be the result of the agent’s clever game plan. As for Sophie? She is one step closer to becoming a Growth Master. How to become a marketing winner? First and foremost, both Tim and Sophie need strength and drive to win. But that’s not enough. They all have well thought out strategies based on knowledge and insight. They know the game and they know who their opponents are.

Victims of cancellations

Let’s switch back to our coverage of Tim and Sophie’s respective games for all the action and see Argentina Phone Number List if and how they’re winning in the marketing arena. Tim’s Marketing Teamwork. Building a Data-Based Game Plan Tim’s excellent groundwork enabled the team to recover from a slump in organic traffic. He captured very valuable data and quickly passed the information on to Andy, a content marketer. Tim’s team spirit. Tim and content manager Andy. Andy takes the next step using a list of potential keywords and the sites they drive traffic to. He wondered if his competitors were focusing on SEO, or if they were also investing in paid search.


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Researching the competition Andy scans website performance to gauge USA CEO audience engagement. Again, Similarweb provides answers quickly. Content Manager benchmarks audience engagement metrics such as visit duration, pages per visit, and monthly unique visitors against relevant competitors. But Andy faced another challenge. Competitor sites are widely spread across many topics. He needs to pinpoint pages related to the keywords on his list so he can investigate their content. Spotting the Opportunity The opportunity is there, but will Andy see it? Organic Pages provide the best performing URLs for organic traffic.