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Often decorate with sculptures and fountains. Artificial step waterfall in a park or garden. Chinese summer houses are small architectural forms in the form of pavilions or balconies in which tea parties are often held. Landscape parks are parks whose layout is close to nature. There are no theme areas, complicate lighting and flower bes with exotic flowers, so all objects look natural and a little random, like what happens in a forest. Small architectural forms are landscape-forming objects create by humans: sculptures, benches, gazebos, steps, swings, etc.

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In simple terms, this is a flower border made up of plants in different shades that Sween Phone Numbers List bloom throughout the season. Modular gardens are a design choice for small areas of a garden or park when elements are repeate at specific intervals. An example of a modular garden: square flower bes made of tiles along the entire length of a garden path. The front garden is a small fence garden in front of the house. The park is a vast green landscape area with landscape design elements. The standard size of a park is at least one hectare. The parterre is a long terrace of regular geometric shape, arrange in front of the house, decorate with parterres. Courtyard private residential building adjoins the interior space of the area.

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Usually the patio is hidden from prying eyes and is structurally connecte to USA CEO the interior of the building, including various architectural and decorative objects: fountains, flagstones, pools, etc. Pergola An open structure, a canopy with climbing plants. It consists of two rows of wooden or metal columns that support the horizontal structure. The advantage of a pergola is not only aesthetically pleasing. But also that it creates a shade area that protects from the hot sun in summer. A retaining wall is a rigid structure designe to support soil on either side.