Where Do Not Provided Results Come From

One of the Changes That Has Occurred. As a Result of the Spread of the Https. Protocol and the Default Inclusion of Encryption. In Browsers and Websites is the Disappearance. Of Specific Keywords From Google Analytics Reports. Even Now, There is a Part of the Movement That is Still Read Exactly the Same as Before.

Google Still Has an Http Version – Although the Unencrypted. Version is Less and Less Used, Some Queries. Are Still Sent This Way. For Them to Appear. In the Statistics, the User Does Not Have to Be Logged. In to Any of the Google Services.

Otherwise, the phrase will be saved as “not provided”. Google Analytics blocks keywords from users, but they are saved on servers – they can still be checked using some external tools.

The impact of changes on organic traffic

The impact of changes on organic traffic
Do these seemingly subtle changes affect organic traffic ? Marking Whatsapp Data keywords as “not provided” means, above all, fewer opportunities for analysts and professionals involved in running SEO campaigns. The lack of the option to thoroughly audit all passwords makes assessment and strategy development much more difficult.

“Not provided” – do you need to worry about it?
Google immediately responded to experts that they should not worry about this because the change is minor and will not significantly impact the current work of analyzing the keywords that Internet users use.

Not provided do you need to worry about it?

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Google also reassured entrepreneurs that the data will still be available to Ads users, so if you want to continue using this option, it’s time to think USA CEO about ads. However, this did not comfort website owners, as they were seeing “not provided” more often than Google Analytics provided.

Others about dwell time
Due to the hypothetical situation mentioned above, the following fragment of the definition of dwell time from Wikipedia makes sense to us:

However, something else is certain – a significant factor in website ranking is still the behavior of users within the website and the indicators that indicate it, including.

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