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However, for many employers, the absence of an administrator in the office is not necessary, so working online or combining the office with a remote office is possible. Freelancer. If you don’t want to be bound by an employment relationship with one employer, research freelancers carefully. Then you go to the online school or the experts who offer courses by yourself, and negotiate with them the terms of cooperation: list of responsibilities, working hours, amount of remuneration, etc. As a freelancer, you will nee to register as self-employe and enter into a service agreement with your employer. Which format and scheule is best for you.

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You can only know through your own experience. Experiment, analyze and draw Thailand Phone Number List conclusions. Salary of curators of online courses According to data from the portal, the average salary of curators of online courses in Russia is slightly more than rubles. The figure is base on data from employer announcements over the past month. However, the final amount of an expert’s income is affecte by many factors: number of projects manage, number of students in the group, area of ​​responsibility professional experience. We examine how salaries for online course tutor positions change with experience. Part-time jobs for beginners start at rubles. Every month, but after six months or a year of your professional work, you will be able to receive more than rubles. for the project. For clarity, the numbers are shown in the table: Beginning Experience Professional  From.

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Online Course Curator Career Pros and Cons Any job has its own USA CEO characteristics. Some people like it, some people don’t. If you’re planning to become a curator of online courses, we’ll tell you what to prepare for. Pros Cons Quick start Acquiring a major Months of diverse assignments From building a learning platform to providing moral support to students Many part-time projects You can combine curation with research, other work, or manage multiple projects Ability to work from home You don’t Career prospects bound by an office You can be a teacher, a methodologist, a producer Lots of communication.