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Lather up, rinse, repeat You just discovered some valuable information about improving conversions on your website. Why stop there? You can now create a new A/B test to test the second variable and further improve conversion rates. Assuming you know which CTA is better, how about testing different headlines? Once you get the hang of it, you can even start creating additional test pages. For example, you’ll have a control page, but then you’ll create two test pages to test two different calls to action. Or two different titles. As A/B testing becomes more sophisticated, you can test multiple options for the same variable.

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A/B Testing Website Examples There are many things you can A/B test on your Canada Phone Number List website here are some A/B tests you should try. Typography Typography is one of the most important elements on your website in terms of content. People are looking for content that is easy to read and doesn’t give them a headache. While what you write matters, so does how you write it. You can use hundreds of different fonts. You probably won’t A/B test every single font, but you can test different types of fonts, for example Serif vs. San Serif. A/B testing website typography. Photo credit impactplus. com serif fonts are considered more traditional, while sans serif fonts are more modern.


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Which genre is right for your audience? You can A/B test this and start testing USA CEO other fonts in your preferred genre. In typography, you can also test font color and size. Generally, for long content, you want to use a black font, but you may find that another color works better for your headings. For size, bigger is easier to read, but bigger isn’t always better. Still here? Calls to Action We’ve mentioned testing your CTA text, but what about placement and design? This can have a huge impact on your page’s engagement metrics. Should you put your CTA at the top of the page.