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Do your research and use data Researching your audience and market requires reliable data. You have neither the time nor the resources to implement all the guessworkbased ideas for a great campaign. Like all other marketing campaigns, video campaign planning must be built on datadriven insights. Your competitors are an excellent place to start your research. They target the same audience and likely promote similar products so you can get relevant inspiration. Measure traffic and engagement on relevant competitor pages to assess the success of their video campaigns.

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Also, check how much traffic is getting to the site from the site’s various Senegal Phone Number List video marketing campaigns. With Similarweb you can conduct competitive research for your video marketing strategy. Screenshot of Similarweb engagement metrics comparison for top fashion brands. Similarweb provides a variety of accurate metrics to evaluate and benchmark traffic and visitor engagement. See which campaigns perform better than others and see how preferences vary for different audience types. Your decisions when planning a marketing video campaign should be based on quantifiable metrics.

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For example, measure and compare the time viewers spend on related USA CEO pages. Also, investigate which marketing channels your competitors use for their video marketing campaigns. You can use Similarweb Digital Marketing Intelligence to identify the channels with the highest traffic. Screenshot of an overview of marketing channel performance for top fashion brand Similarweb. Find out which channels your competitors are using successfully and identify audience preferences and trends.  Considering the right keywords for SEO can open doors to your most valuable audience.