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What these numbers tell you about the importance of video marketing Let’s look at some statistics that can help you understand the video marketing phenomenon: YouTube It is the second most visited website in the world and the most searched website on Google. And it ranks first in its industry. Screenshot of YouTube’s global rankings in March 2019 Hootsuite found that 100 of Internet users watch some form of online video content every week. According to YouTube, the site has more than 100 million logged-in visitors every month. Statista research shows that of users visit YouTube every day, with an average visit time of minutes. Is your head spinning? And we haven’t even mentioned ads…the potential reach of YouTube ads is over 100 million users.

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According to Google, 100 of people buy a product after seeing a Netherlands Mobile Number List YouTube ad. According to Oberlo, 50 of businesses use YouTube as a promotional channel that’s a 2019 percentage, we’re pretty sure it’s gone up since then. Here’s an interesting statistic about your search optimization strategy: of the top searches are branded searches; in other words, people are looking for a specific channel. Screenshots of Engagement Metrics for Youtube and Its Competitors What is video marketing and why does it work? Video marketing is the use of video to promote your brand or product. There are countless ways to utilize video for your business. You can run video ads in the form of short ad clips, banners, sponsored videos, live videos, and more. Video can be part of your content marketing framework and form the center of your social media engagement.


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The possibilities are endless, from product videos to educational videos, explainer USA CEO videos, personal videos, video reviews and many more types of videos. Moving images grab attention more quickly than static content like text or images. Video engages multiple senses, making it easier for you to connect with people. It also gives you more tools to evoke emotion and get your message across. But how do you know what works for your business? Should you be posting fun content on TikTok, how-tos on Vimeo, promos on Instagram, or video ads on YouTube? or all? A step-by-step plan helps you get started, find answers, and stay on track until you reach your video marketing goals.

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