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You will learn the following techniques Ericksonian Hypnosis, Symbolic Drama, Metaphoric Cards, Neurotechniques of Self-Regulation, etc. and will be able to apply. These techniques in coaching sessions This course is design for future business coaches, HR managers, business leaders and entrepreneurs. You’ll learn how to unleash your employees’ abilities and develop their abilities. You’ll learn how to create dialogue between leaders and teams, and understand the complexities of constructive behavior in conflict.

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At the end of the course you will be a confident individual and understand how to Hungary Phone Number List develop in coaching Duration Months Cost The International Vocational Academy’s coaching course is an introduction for those who plan to familiarize themselves with coaching and see how this direction fits them short course. During the course, you will learn how the work of coaching is establish and how coaching differs from psychotherapy. You’ll learn about the stages of the coaching program, learn about coaching competencies and find out how to gain international certification. You’ll take an introductory coaching session and learn how to develop. A strategy for working with clients Duration Monthly Fee Our selection of online coaching sessions. Will help you choose the one that’s right for you. How and where career development is develop There are two options vertical and horizontal.

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Let’s understand what these terms mean. vertical development. You gradually climb USA CEO the steps of the career ladder. After the course, you’ll find a coaching job in a small company, reporting to the company head or HR director. Gradually, you will gain professional experience and be able to find employment in larger companies. There you’ll take on more responsibility and solve complex cases, but the pay will be higher. Over time, you can advance to the position of Head of Human Resources or Director of Development and become a valu member of the organization. Horizontal development.