What Does This Change Mean for Companies

It will become increasingly difficult to analyze keywords.
Google is increasingly blocking user data and not sharing it with business owners.
The percentage of “not provided” phrases will increase rapidly and ultimately entrepreneurs will not learn anything about the phrases used by recipients.

Finding the right keywords and including them in your content may become completely impossible in the future. You will only need to take comfort in your overall results to create a good marketing strategy.
How to find phrases marked as “not provided”?

What solutions are worth using to learn about passwords blocked in Google Analytics? You don’t have to look far to find useful alternatives – one of them is Google Search Console.

Landing pages and internal search GA

This is a very extensive tool that allows you to obtain very detailed data about website positioning . In addition to the key phrases themselves, you will also find the number of clicks, click-through rate and many other useful data.

How to analyze search phrases from Google Search Console? To do Ws Data this, go to the “Effectiveness” option, which you will find in the “Status” tab. This function allows you to check information about keywords that lead Internet users to your website. The results of this list go back a maximum of 16 months. Using GSC, you can determine which keyword phrases are the most important and which ones are of little importance for SEO activities .

Deciphering “not provided” key phrases
There are several ways you can decipher “not provided” phrases. Not all of them require the use of other tools – you can still find some valuable data in Google Analytics.

Deciphering Not Provided Key Phrases

One of the easiest ways is to analyze the report on landing pages: just check what subpages are accessed by people who arrive at the website through terms marked as not provided.

You can then analyze each of them by going to a detailed report identifying the keywords USA CEO that target those pages. It should be noted that the information obtained in this way will not be 100% certain, but in most cases it will be easy to connect specific phrases with subpages.

However, it may be difficult to determine the most popular phrases for the home page, marked in the report as For this reason, sometimes a better solution will be to use external tools that allow for in-depth keyword analysis.

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