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I will become familiar with platform requirements and analyze demand for different products, choose a platform to sell them profitably, and develop sales strategies. You’ll learn how to work within a seller’s personal account: create and promote cards, fulfill orders accurately, and communicate effectively with customers. Access to the course is permanent, so you can learn about it before returning to other courses on the market School: Skill Box Duration: Monthly Price Fashion Brand Market Course This course is deicate to doing business in the fashion sector.

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You’ll learn how to sell clothing, shoes and accessories in popular markets. You Guangdong Mobile Phone Numbers will learn the rules of working on different platforms, choosing profitable niches and best-selling products. You’ll learn how to create high-quality content for cards, calculate prices correctly, promote your store, and handle customer feeback. Expert brand owners will share with you real experience of trading in the market: they will warn you of pitfalls and reveal the secrets of successful sales The main thing about starting a store is understanding the nuances of online transactions and following the site rules. Let’s summarize what you nee to do to become a seller. Registration of a legal entity, individual business or self-employment.

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Individual operators can only sell products produce by themselves. And others USA CEO can sell goods that do not violate laws and market rules. Sign up for a seller account. You will nee to fill in information about yourself or your company. Provide the necessary documents and accept the terms of the offer. Choose a work plan. There is an option: store and deliver the orders yourself, you store the goods, deliver them, you store and deliver the orders yourself. These plans can be use in combination, but only and are available to the self-employe. Upload the project to the system. Create and populate product cards with quality descriptions, features, photos and videos.