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However, if you typically sell to hundreds of people through your website every day, then last week’s drop in traffic would be concerning. So, what exactly is conversion rate, and how can you make it work for you? That’s all for this article. Specifically, we’ll cover the basics of conversion rate optimization CRO, including a few tips to help you increase conversions on your website. What is eCommerce Conversion Rate Optimization eCRO? Ecommerce conversion rate optimization or “eCRO” sounds like a buzzword, but it’s not. It simply refers to the practice of tweaking elements of an eCommerce website to increase the speed at which visitors take a desired action, also known as a conversion.

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CRO definition does not have a list of e-commerce conversion rate optimization Benin Phone Number List strategies. Instead, each company employs a common strategy that aligns them with three key elements: Their brand Their customers Their long-term marketing goals Again, there are many types of conversions. When we generally talk about e-commerce, the main conversion type is a user purchasing an item. However, there are many more types, such as: joining an email marketing list, booking a sales call, filling out an “I’m interested” form, downloading an eBook or printable book, and more. How you define “conversion” will depend on the ultimate goal of your website. So before we go any further, ask yourself.


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What action do I want my website visitors to take?” Your answer will USA CEO affect the tactics you use. The obvious benefit of eCommerce conversion rate optimization is that it boosts your sales numbers, thereby increasing your return on investment ROI. But that’s not all eCRO can do. How optimization and conversion analytics can help. Optimization and conversion analytics help to: Increase the time your visitors spend on your site – improve your content marketing results and site engagement metrics Create an environment for continuous improvement Know what your customers like and don’t like Improve your site in Performance in Search Engine Results Pages SERPs Hone Your Marketing Increase Your Customer Lifetime Value How is CLV eCommerce conversion rate calculated? Calculating your eCommerce conversion rate is one of the easiest parts of any eCRO strategy.