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Often other platforms or services are involv, but they don’t significantly change the overall process. Follow the above to understand the key steps in the programmatic advertising process and the role of each participant. In a traditional mia buy, an advertiser and a publisher negotiate a deal on an advertising campaign. Publishers provide space on their websites where ads can be display, and advertisers can reserve this space to display their ads. The price is calculat on a perimpression basis, and an impression is count when someone clicks on the page and the ad becomes visible. This is important because it affects cost calculations for traditional versus programmatic advertising.

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Advertisers pay only when their ads are shown to visitors. You may have Maconia Phone Number List heard of CPM, which means “Cost Per Thousand Impressions” and sets an advertiser’s price per , impressions paid. To ensure success, publishers commit to minimizing impressions. If the minimum requirement is not met, they will not be paid for underdeliver impressions. Programmatic advertising automates the process and uses ad exchanges to auction impressions. An ad exchange is similar to a stock exchange, trading impressions rather than shares. The highest bidder completes the deal. This happens in real time, which is where the term RTB (realtime bidding comes from.

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To get onto an ad exchange, advertisers upload their ads to a demandside USA CEO platform (DSP, along with specifications about audience demographics and more. The platform connects them to an ad exchange, and then they can start bidding. Publishers are on the other end of the rope, listing their ad space inventory on supplyside platforms (SSPs. Now they can offer and sell impressions on ad exchanges. In an advertising exchange, an impression is offer to an advertiser relevant to a publisher’s audience at a starting price. The highest bidder gets the impression. Programmatic advertising infographic. All of this happens between the time you click on a page and the time it opens a few seconds at most. Programmatic Ad Example When you see an ad that looks like someone is spying on you, here’s what happens step by step: You click to open a news site, The Washington Post.

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