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Higher mental functions include Attention Perceptual focus on specific objects Imagination Ability to spontaneously or intentionally create images, thoughts, and ideas bas on experience; Perception The internal processing and display of information receiv by a person through the senses; thinking is the process of cognition of the surrounding world and the process of drawing new judgments and conclusions; voice is one of the means of communication for exchanging information. Repression is a defense mechanism of the mind when memories or traumatic impressions are forc out of consciousness. A person, so to speak, unleashes a negative experience, but does not completely escape it by passing it into the unconscious. However, in stressful situations, forgotten emotions can come back in the form of irrational anxiety and sometimes unpleasant physical sensations. Example of Displacement.

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A person who was abandon by his parents as a child finds it difficult to bear the Jordan Phone Number List sudden separation from those who are important to him as an adult. An activity is a conscious, active work direct at a certain object. During an activity, a person strives to achieve a goal or solve some problem. An action is any motivat behavior, and a unit of activity and purposeful activity. Psychoprotection aims to r uce the unconscious mental processes of negative experiences. Personality is the set of characteristics of a person whose sociocultural experiences, attitudes and acquir knowl ge influence everyday behavior and interactions with the outside world and with other people.

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An individual is a person as a natural being. Insights are sudden USA CEO realizations after a long search for the right answer or solution. An example of insight You have been solving a difficult problem for a long time and then suddenly found the solution. Instinct is the innate tendency of an organism to behave in a certain way. In psychology, instincts are understood as a complex and inherit set of behavioral response traits in individuals of a particular species. Intelligence is the sum of all cognitive processes, the ability to acquire new knowl ge and use it for further activities.