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There is no place for unnecessary decoration and furniture, but there is a lot of free space and light in every room. Features of minimalism: monochrome, strict geometry, natural materials, diffuse lighting and hidden storage systems. Art Nouveau was a rebellious and somewhat innovative style base on departures from luxurious palace interiors. Art Nouveau is characterize by a complete rejection of symmetry, the emergence of floral decoration and flowing lines in the design of walls, ceilings and floors, as well as an abundance of wooden objects, forge fittings, staine glass windows and unusual souvenirs.

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The color scheme is close to natural and nude: beige, brown and golden shades Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List dominate in a contemporary style. Neoclassicism interprets the chic and splendor of the palace in a modern way. The walls are bare and often austere, the ceilings are stucco and the floors are parquet. The furniture is a bit vintage with elegant legs and expensive upholstery. Provence is cozy French country style, base on pastel colours, slightly fade table and cabinet surfaces, a fireplace or stove and plenty of indoor plants. There are many textiles in the interior: napkins, curtains, pillows, blankets, tablecloths, etc.

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Rustic designe in the spirit of rustic chic. The rustic style of the USA CEO interior is characterize by an abundance of wooden furniture. Natural materials, natural colours, a combination of elegance and rough texture, and simplicity of form. Scandinavia is the style of the northern peoples. They have always been known for their practicality and hard work, so the interior decoration is democratic and comfortable. There are lots of simple furniture designs, large windows. Plain walls in cool tones and durable items made of metal, impact-resistant glass and wood. Sunny Italian style of the Meiterranean with its vineyards and sea views. Features: panoramic windows with light sheer curtains, high ceilings, white or nude walls, heavy wooden furniture and terracotta tiles on the floors.