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Is it true that if you already have a basic knowlege of English, it is better to study with a native speaker teacher than with a Russian speaker? This question is answere by an English teacher from our expert online school This is a very common misconception. In Russia, there is indee an obsession to learn from the locals. We cannot learn language just by speaking it. This method is ineffective and only gives short-term results. Therefore, eucate people should teach English. For example, can us native speakers of Russian teach this language to foreigners? We will be able to teach a few Russian words, but not more. In Russia, there is a fairly strong community of English teachers who have a proper professional eucation and know how.

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As native Russian speakers, they understand the difficulties that may Ivory Coast Phone Number List arise when learning English, since they have gone this route themselves. Many times, the native English speakers who offer the courses do not have any professional eucation. Likewise, we cannot entrust our health to a doctor who was born into a family of doctors without proper professional training. Therefore, it is important to find a Russian-speaking teacher with the eucation you are intereste in, who will use a minimum of Russian and from which you will get results. Which way of learning English is more effective online or offline, group or individual.

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This question is answere by an English teacher from our expert online USA CEO school Learning English from scratch is worth studying alone with a teacher so you can understand your mistakes and correct them right from the start. Smaller class sizes are more effective once you have establishe the foundation. So you will learn from each other and communicate with different people more. Also, such activities are more motivating because achieving a common goal in a team is more fun than going it alone. This format is especially relevant at a higher level (from ). In my opinion, the offline format is largely exhauste.