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The difficult bit about launching a Black Friday campaign is almost definitely deciding what campaigns work best for your business and your target audience, and how to push them. That’s why we brought some experts in; those that have been there, done that, and maybe even got the really well discounte t-shirt. So, what tips and tricks did they have to share? Create landing pages for promotional offers and coupons Nick LeRoy “If you sell product s online, you can almost guarantee that your customers are searching for coupons or promo codes to save money.

Traffic that actually converts

My tip is to create a page on your own website for Black Friday, or promotional offers and Hungary Phone Number List coupons, so your affiliate or coupon websites aren’t cannibalizing your own search traffic or, even worse, making commission off sales that aren’t truly incremental. “How can you do this? Create a URL on your own website, and add all the details to your promotions or coupons. Make sure the title tag, meta description, and the on-page content specifically mention Black Friday/Cyber Monday [brand name] coupons/promos. “Last but not least, I’d also recommend creating this page at least months in advance of Cyber Weekend.

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Know what you’re promoting

It’s going to take time for Google to discover your content and rank it for your USA CEO brand. Site name coupon/promo’ keyword variations”. Keep the same URL year in. Year out Gerry White “One massive thing that gets neglecte in SEO is consistent or evergreen URLs. For example, if you have the year in your Black Friday URL eg. Blackfriday , then it quickly loses relevance and power. By keeping a set of evergreen URLs for sales helps to avoid any issues like this, and it means your landing page just nees a few updates scheule for next year. “Changing URLS is one bad habit in ecommerce, and it can infuriate SEO folk, like me.