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Test your site speed and make sure it’s up to scratch for the big day or days; the amount of content and size of images can have something to say for this, so make sure it’s all optimized. Streamline that checkout to make it as easy-to-use and smooth as possible for users to move through, and complete purchase. That includes minimizing the amount of clicks, removing any distractions, keeping it clear and consistent, and using true localization to help make sure no one is dropping out where you don’t want them to”. Partner up with another brand and reap the benefits John Wright “There are a bunch of benefits to brand partnerships namely for the data acquisition of a wider audience.

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A brand partnership can look like anything, from simple collaboration through to Indonesia Phone Number List competitions. And let me tell you, brand partnered competitions just work particularly for a specific event like Black Friday. Launch yours with a twist, and enjoy campaign ROI via the inevitable extra sales boost from website referrals and incentive. “Using Zapier for an API sync between both partners’ CRMs means you can share opt-in data in realtime, enabling automation of conversion comms straight off the bat. If you choose to go ahead with this strategy, consider a few things: Using coupons for opt-ins to drive higher entry Staying wary of false opt-outs GDPR doesn’t require a re-opt-out from existing customers Linking to a.

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Brand Experience’ landing page with products that you know convert well USA CEO Excluding ‘prizefinder’ website referrals via T&C segment these referrals post-campaign and purge “So, go and review those partner pending applications or reach out to some options, and see what they’ve got to offer for Black Friday and Cyber Monday.” ivy park referral traffic The power of partnerships: Ivyparkcom referral traffic the fourth campaign with Adidas was launched in August and the site saw a big lift in referral traffic from News and Media websites.

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